Family Medicine

Family medicine is a speciality dealing with the comprehensive care of patients and the entire family from infections, diabetes, hypertension to minor emergencies.

Diabetes and Hypertension Control

In diabetes and hypertension control we refer to comprehensive quality standards of services of prevention, promotion, treatment and rehabilitation.

Sports Physicals

Our staff is trained to do sports medical checkups for children and adolescents. Our providers will review your child’s medical history, do an examination of your child’s height, weight, and blood pressure. This test includes eye checkflexibility, heart and lungs, ears, throat, and abdomen to detect abnormalities. During the physical exam, you will also be given vaccines that school asks for.

Weight Management

To design the best weight loss program tailored to your needs, our experts will first evaluate you based on your background and lifestyle, in order to avoid any complications to your well-being.
Our signature program Semaglutide, is tailored to help you finally achieve your ideal weight. You’ll be under the supervision of our experienced clinical team, so you can lose weight quickly and safely.

Nail debridement

Initially, it is vitally important to get a diagnosis, which is confirmed by requesting a direct examination (KOH), where the type of fungus that is causing the infection is determined and, consequently, the specific medication for its treatment.

Minor Surgery

This procedure consists of short-term repair of small injuries suffered by the patient with simple surgery usually on superficial or easily accessible tissues. They usually require the application of anesthesial.

DNA Testing

We offer accurate, authoritative tests to find out how you are related to someone through DNA analysis. We have great customer service and affordable prices for this type of test with the confidence of total privacy.

Immigration Medical Examinations

Immigration medical exams are required for anyone applying for permanent resident status in the USA. Clinica La Familia is one of the approved sites for these exams. The medical examination includes several laboratory tests. Vaccines will be charged separately depending on which ones are required.


Physical exams are used to create an up-to-date medical history of the patient to determine any recent medical problems, or new drugs and/supplements. We checked vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.
Diagnostic examinations may or may not be required, and will be additional, based on the patient’s age, gender, level of activity, or type of employment.

Laboratory and Pharmacy Services

Laboratory And Pharmacy Services We stand out for providing the best pharmacy and laboratory services, conveniently located in each of the clinics for the comfort of our patients.


We offer all the Arizona Department of Health vaccines for children, such as measles, hepatitis A and B,mumps, chickenpox, diphtheria, polio, among others.

Routine check-ups

LThe importance of having an annual physical exam or routine preventive exam is to detect health problems you have early on, before they become serious and much harder to treat.